Intune graph explorer

This is by far the biggest step forward in the Modern Management field

Here is a screenshot of what these logs look like after running the script: By selecting Consent on behalf of your organization, you allows other accounts to also use Graph Explorer to query Intune management objects

Let’s take Jul 15, 2019 · One-time setup (GitHub) Download the module from the Releases tab in the GitHub repository

But bear in mind that these are only for Intune, and that is a very small part of the capability of Microsoft Graph

) Dec 10, 2019 · The Intune sample scripts are here: powershell-intune-samples

Use Graph API in flow (and create a team) How can we combine the powers of two fantastic automation tools, Microsoft Graph API and Microsoft Flow? As an example we will create a team in Microsoft Teams with the help of a simple form in Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Graph API

Not really the kind of thing that is doable with just Graph Explorer

The graph view displays dependencies between arbitrary elements selected by the user in form of a layered graph

The new Resource graph Explorer gives the opportunity to create, save and pin queries that we made in Resource graph

This can also be reused to install a Current Branch version such as 1902

Although for most administrators the Microsoft Intune administration console will be the primary method of looking at information in Microsoft Intune, developers and IT pros that have a level of technical knowledge to understand REST API calls may use Microsoft Graph to query data from the service backend of Intune

ps1 Literally, all you have to do is download all the files Setup-Intune

Jul 22, 2019 · Graph is Microsoft’s RESTful API that allows you to interface directly with Azure AD, Office 365, Intune, SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, and a whole lot more

As you can see above, the device is registered but not enrolled to intune and MDM type is not set to ‘ Microsoft Intune ’

Jan 17, 2017 · Intune; How to Create Azure AD Dynamic Groups for Managing Devices via Intune

To connect to the Microsoft Graph API using PowerShell we will have to install the PSMSGraph PowerShell module from here

When invoking the shutDown action via Graph Explorer beta the graph explorer returns an error "bad request"

See the modify permissions just below your login name – left hand side

May 28, 2019 · I collected these scripts and JSON’s into my own new GitHub repository, and included a “master” script entitled Setup-Intune

You can use the Intune API in Microsoft Graph to manage devices, apps, and even configure Intune while using your Graph Explorer is a website that allows you to interact with Office 365, Azure resources like Intune

Sonargraph-Explorer has very powerful dependency visualization features

March 8 So recently I have been spending time learning about the new Preview Intune Portal which is moving over to the Ibiza Azure Portal

Apr 11, 2018 · In order to perform actions to Microsoft Intune/Azure AD we need to unattended authenticate to Intune Graph API/Azure AD

Managing Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune – Part 2 (CSP Policies) Managing Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune – Part 3 (Administrative Templates & Workarounds) Administrative Template (aka ADMX) Settings

Oct 24, 2019 · Microsoft Graph exposes REST APIs and client libraries to access data on a number of Microsoft 365 services

Intune module, aka Intune PowerShell SDK, as it more nicely handles getting an auth token and we don’t have to create any headers, so get that module installed

Use the Microsoft Intune Device Configuration workload to manage settings and features on all of the devices you manage

Log on to the Intune Admin Console or Azure Admin console, whichever site has your tenant

Access all your resources across Azure environments and master cloud inventory management with Azure Resource Graph

You can access data from Office 365, Windows 10 and much more including the following: Office 365 services: Delve, In this article, I will explain you how to create your own Microsoft EndPoint Configuration Manager lab in TP1911 version

To do this, I was to use methods I would use to filter data from any other source, i

Intune Graph API provides ability to access to Intune information programmatically from your tenant

The Edge browser is available in Intune as built-in app type like the Office 365 suite

Sign up Sep 01, 2017 · If you’d like to play with it right now then you can also check out Graph Explorer, which is a web based (web browser) gui for controlling Graph and it’s available here

In this demo the Graph Explorer handles the process of obtaining access to your Subscription be it Intune, Office 365, or Azure Active Directory

For any PowerShell script that we want to write and access corporate resources through Intune Graph API, we need to authenticate with a valid identity

Oct 24, 2016 · A couple of weeks ago there was a blog post on the Microsoft Intune Support Team Blog about Using the Microsoft Graph API to access data in Microsoft Intune

Oct 28, 2019 · Intune Policy Assignment Classification – Getting policy using Graph Explorer

The Microsoft Graph explorer is a tool that lets you make requests and see responses against the Microsoft Graph This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads

We’ll have content that covers 0-level to 200-level topics

The Schema is generated easily by going to Graph Explorer and querying Graph as shown below

Create a new Win32 app in Intune and upload the "CreateDesktopIcon

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Follow the below steps to use the Microsoft Graph Explorer API, Possible culprit may be that in the June release of PowerBI upgraded the OData drivers to version 4, but the MS Graph doesn't consistently supoort v4 of OData across allthe services

0 authentication flow and therefore, to access it with Power BI, you'll need to create a custom data connector

Intune provides data into the Microsoft Graph in the same way as other cloud services do, with rich entity information and relationship navigation

Apr 04, 2020 · To access Graph in Power Automate we to register a new application in Azure Active Directory so we can use it to make Graph calls to Intune

The PSMSGraph Module is also available on the PowerShell Gallery

windows 10 Intune enroll devices always have Join Type as ‘Azure AD registered’ but MDM will be set to Microsoft Intune and with compliant status

NOTE When running Graph Explorer for the first time, it will not have access to any Intune resources

In this episode, Robert shows how you can use Microsoft Graph in your applications to In my last post regarding the MSGraph and the Intune PowerShell SDK I demonstrated how you installed the Intune PowerShell SDK and connected to the Graph Explorer to query information in your tenant of choice

Configure the program settings and specify the parameters for the shortcut creation depending on your needs

To automate this we can use PowerShell and Microsoft Graph API

| Optional Jan 28, 2017 · As you can see GraphAPI is quite secure, in that you can’t just randomly query the GraphAPI objects from another company without a Access Token

Managing Chrome and Firefox in Windows from Intune using Applocker(3/3) 8 May 2020

Nov 04, 2019 · On the current Graph Explorer, users will find a toggle button under the “Sign In with Microsoft” button that enables them to switch between versions and try out the preview

Before we can start to use Intune we have to set it as MDM Authority

You will need to grant permissions for this app by clicking “Modify permissions” on the left side under your username

Apr 11, 2017 · What does the Microsoft Graph API for Intune mean for the rest of the EMM market? With the Graph API, any vendor can integrate with Intune and use it as middleware to manage Office apps

You find the reference for this API on Apr 25, 2017 · After reading this introduction to MS Graph Explorer, I think you must be interested to know more about MS Graph API

GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together

ps1 script you just need to change from line 1377 and the rest of the script

Microsoft 365 Developer 890 views Microsoft Graph API gives you access to Intune data such as configuration profiles, mobile applications, conditional access policies, and more - but in a programmatic way

Like all other Graph API scripts we start by authenticating us to get a token we have to send in the header of the REST requests we send to Graph

Connect with the Graph API, which will prompt the administrator for credentials

Jul 29, 2019 · The best description for a native application is found in the Intune documentation for the Intune API here: How to use Azure AD to access the Intune APIs in Microsoft Graph

) For more information on using Graph Explorer please read Day 3 – Graph Explorer from the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph series

A cool guy named Dave Falkus has published a number of PowerShell scripts on GitHub that use the Graph API with Intune, and these contain some code to authenticate with the API

One of the following permissions is required to call this API

Here’s a link to the Intune Graph Docs (or the general Graph API Reference)

Nov 14, 2017 · You can use the Graph Explorer, to see what data is available to view, modify permissions or just to get an overview of the API

Could you check if you have subscription and login with correct account info to use graph api

If you run the url with /devices/ appended you may be disappointed to see that nothing comes up

In this blog post I’ll not explain how to set up the perquisites to use Azure Automation for this purpose as Oliver Kieselbach wrote a great and detailed blog post how to achieve this

The Intune Configuration is backed up as JSON files in a given directory

A Note on Graph Explorer Before going into any details on creating your application, whenever you need to test any of the Graph APIs I recommend starting with Graph Explorer

0 or Beta) | Specific entity type/resource, such as users, groups, devices, etc

Users, Groups and Intune Roles I'm trying to be better at posting my quick tips and helpful stuff when I remember it, so with that being said, here we go

Try in Graph Explorer You can also sort by complex type entities

While the concept I’m presenting in this blogpost isn’t something entirely new, I believe my take on it is more elegant and efficient than what I’ve seen other people use

With this I concluded that there’s no permissions problem because I was using the same account in the Intune Console as I were in the Graph Explorer

How to deploy a security baseline for Edge on macOS with Intune

In depth data and service resource relationships drive simplified access and automation of online services

Autopilot Autopilot module Autopilot PowerShell Intune_Graph manage-windows-autopilot-with-powershell

If this goes successfully, you can use the methods described in the earlier section to confirm this has indeed happened with Azure AD Graph Explorer

As part of this migration from the existing Silverlight Intune portal to the new Ibiza portal Microsoft is working on exposing a vast amount of information (if not all) for your Intune Subscription via the GraphAPI

Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) is an Azure portal application

Consider it as a developer's sandbox where you can run any request command, such as GET, and get a response back from Office 365 in JSON format

 Use the Microsoft Graph API to combine information from other services and Intune to build rich cross-service applications for IT professionals or end users

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how to get started with Microsoft Intune and PowerShell using the Intune Graph API

If you’ve ever enrolled an Android device into Intune, you’ll notice that the device name is based on the date: Android for Work device name Jun 19, 2019 · Microsoft Intune helps enterprises manage devices and apps within an organization

May 15, 2016 · Microsoft Graph API Explorer Now we understand the Microsoft Graph and its queries, but how we can test the queries? Microsoft also gives the answer via Microsoft Graph API explorer

Jan 20, 2020 · Early this month, we explored how to discover device information using the Graph Explorer

One of our partners, Crayon (based in Norway), is using Intune APIs to automate tasks with unattended authentication: Apr 04, 2019 · The Remote Action option is not present in Intune portal but it is not specified in the Graph Explorer doc if thsi should work or not

Android Enterprise) there are options for enrollment, NFC, QR Code, and Zero Touch

Use it to configure the Intune software development kit (SDK) integrated into Microsoft Office 365 apps like Word and Excel

Acquiring the access token can be accomplished with various methods and below is a PowerShell function that I’ve built to make this process easier: The instructions in your link are used to delete a Azure AD registered device, not used to delete the managed devices in Intune

html Graph Graph API graph explorer Graph Intune GUI The Intune APIs for Graph were added in January 2017 and have expanded every month since then (with dozens of additions in March and April alone)

I’ll reach out to Intune support and follow up on this and any updates will be shared in this post

This Graph API could perform the same Intune operations which are available in the Azure Portal

The MS Graph API will return all the matching files with metadata like the creation date, the path, the size, the last user modifying the file and the modification date, the file URL etc

You can however create a custom Enterprise App in Azure AD to access Microsoft Intune and possible other resources

That post triggered me to look at the PowerShell possibilities, as the Microsoft Graph has an API and an API can be used with PowerShell

It is a specific channel handling Intune related queries and question

May 01, 2020 · Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune, Power Automate, and Microsoft Graph April 4, 2020 Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Debugging Android Devices February 24, 2020 Managing Teams devices with MEM and Teams admin center January 16, 2020 As it involves Intune, I would like to suggest posting the query in Intune Forum for dedicated support

Access Microsoft Graph API using Power BI Intune Win32 app configuration

Graph Provides the ability to POST / ADD data into Microsoft Graph Provides the ability to PUT / ASSIGN data into Microsoft Graph Provides the ability to PATCH / UPDATE resources Provides the ability to DELETE individual resources from Microsoft Graph Data returned in JSON format Data sent to the service in JSON format Data sent to the service in according to docs you need subscription for for using Graph API for intunes service

In this post, we will use it to manage Intune datas like deployment profile, or execute some actions like reboot a device

Designed specifically to perform Graph API calls, it will help you better understand how to call specific Graph APIs and see what data/responses are returned

To find the data I needed, I had to query the Graph REST API using PowerShell, where I can take advantage of the greater filtering capabilities of PowerShell’s Where-Object

Mar 11, 2019 · TIP If you plan to use PowerShell to call Intune APIs, you won’t need to register your application with Azure Active Directory

The "drop\outputs\build\Release et471" folder in the zip file contains the module

First, Graph enables you to access, combine, and build workflows and applications with data across a broad range of Microsoft Cloud services, including Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Intune Oct 02, 2018 · Part 3, Deep dive Microsoft Intune Management Extension – Win32 Apps Microsoft made it finally happen and provides an integrated way to deploy Win32 Apps via the Intune Management Extension

Share on Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Previous Next Jan 10, 2020 · Graph API Response Or instead of exploring, you can use the Graph docs to find out the url’s we want to query

Dec 05, 2017 · The easiest way to start and explore the Microsoft Graph API is via the Graph Explorer which you can find on https://graph

When that post was written, we could only access the Beta reference of Intune Graph API making it irrelevant for setting up an App registration, now on the other hand things have changed and it’s time to learn Install the new Edge Chromium with Intune

Demystifying Office 365 installation for Windows 10 from Intune

Intune PowerShell module you get over 900 commands and you could also do Invoke-MSGraphRequest to utilize the complete Microsoft Graph REST API

Note: The Microsoft Graph API for Intune requires an active Intune license for the tenant

Use your Global Admin account of your tenant if you sign in to the Graph Explorer

Feb 23, 2019 · As you can see the numbers from the graph explorer matches what you see for the "Is Active" setting

It has an open API (the Graph API) so VMware’s Workspace ONE can manage the security and deployment of these Intune MAM settings

So whenever you run this script, you can then look at the Audit Logs in Intune and see that the devices were retired and deleted

When managing Android devices utilizing Device Owner enrollment (i

With a focus on OS deployment through SCCM/MDT, group policies, active directory, virtualisation and office 365, Maurice has been a Windows Server MCSE since 2008 and was awarded Enterprise Mobility MVP in March 2017

The original samples required confirmation prior to any action, as well as offered the opportunity to export data to a

Nov 26, 2019 · I found this fantastic PowerShell module from jseerden that queries Microsoft Graph, and allows for cross-tenant Backup & Restore of your Intune Configuration

Intune Graph API is a single endpoint for online services such as O365, AAD, Intune, and others

The only information I have been able to find was a post on here saying a spring release

This month’s post is a continuation of automation with Intune data using Power Automate and Graph

Meanwhile, you may also check the below articles: Rename Android devices in Intune

Jul 07, 2019 · If you try to delete a device and see timeouts or long delays, open a support case via the Intune Help and Support node

This is the latest addition to Intune’s management capability, something which people have been crying out for over the past couple of years

And since most of us aren’t developers, we stick to PowerShell as our script language of choice

1 or In order to connect from a console app, you'll need to first obtain a valid token

Microsoft Graph is a data and intelligence gateway to Microsoft 365

After that you can find Graph API under your Enterprise Applications in Azure AD

In this article we are going to discuss the significance of Graph Explorer and how the same can be used with Intune

Other actions like - 553302 Mar 07, 2018 · The other great thing about Intune being built on top of Graph API is that we have full auditing capabilities

Here's a tutorial that walks step-by-step on how to create a custom data connector with OAuth 2

- Open Windows Explorer Endpoint Configuration Manager Microsoft Endpoint manager Microsoft Graph Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Microsoft

C:\IntuneScripts or whatever you want), launch PowerShell, and run Dec 17, 2019 · Microsoft Graph is a very powerful tool to query organization data, and it’s also really easy to do using Graph explorer but it’s not built for automation

Note that this type of "app-only" token requires Administrative Consent before it can be used

If it’s in the UI / Graph – you can build equivalent Apps Mar 09, 2020 · Recently released in preview, Intune now supports changing the primary user of Windows 10 devices!The process is fairly simple

Oct 30, 2018 · Throughout the month of November 2018, we are publishing daily articles (30 total) that aim to introduce developers to Microsoft Graph

Set Edge Chromium as default browser Oct 02, 2018 · The red highlighted GUID (b0f62b79-e464-4f95-afe2-ed99eb612fe5) is the application GUID which is assigned by the Intune service back-end

Any work-around would be appreciated, I can't restrict updates to the end users' powerbi desktop https://graph

And with that, we have both a blog topic and the most common challenge that customers have with Windows Autopilot and user-driven Hybrid Azure AD Join deployments

Additionally you can make requests against Microsoft Graph using API Sep 16, 2017 · In Windows 10 1709 there is a lot of new CSP policies and on of them is LocalPoliciesSecurityOptions in this blogpost I will show how to: Disable local Administrator account Disable local Guest account Rename local Administrator account Rename local Guest account This will be done on AzureAD joined Windows 10 device with Intune

Note that deploying packages with dependencies will deloy all the dependencies to Azure Automation

Getting Access Token for Microsoft Graph Using OAuth REST API, Part 1 In Part 1 of this series, we look at the security protocols involved in this series, such as access tokens, and set up our Install the PowerShell SDK for Microsoft Intune Graph API (if it’s not installed)

If you add or remove a Windows Autopilot device via Intune and you don’t see the device in the list, you can initiate a “Sync” from the Windows Autopilot devices node

Get the public certificate from the Intune/Azure Active Directory tenant, and import it into ISE to support SSL handshake

You can use the Intune API in Microsoft Graph to manage devices, apps, and even configure Intune while using your preferred tools

Nov 29, 2017 · The new Microsoft Intune on Azure Portal (Intune UX) is fully build on the Microsoft Graph API, which means that (almost) every action in the Microsoft Intune portal can also be done via a REST-API call towards the Microsoft Graph

Azure Active Directory dynamic groups are very useful in modern device management and it's very important to understand the basics of this

com), select Devices > All Devices (or Windows) > and any Windows 10 device

OK that’s already a bit complicated for some people, so what does this mean in real terms for a Microsoft Intune admin that wants to automate things using PowerShell

May 19, 2020 · When you first access the Graph Explorer, you will be able to run commands against a demo environment (in the context of a sample user) without needing to log in, as shown in the below image, On the left hand side, you will see several queries for getting started

In this scenario, you use the ObjectId found via Powershell and insert that into the query in Graph Explorer: The response preview will be similar to below illustration: When the device has initiated the Windows AutoPilot deployment, the device is being renamed for the first time into the generic name DESKTOP-XXXXXXX

The graph API example below shows how to use C# to send email using Microsoft Graph API C# SDK

You must first login to the service, then modify the permissions (either according to the documentation or just add everything), and finally choose beta

Sep 18, 2017 · Microsoft Intune standalone (Azure portal) The configuration in Microsoft Intune standalone, in the Azure portal, can be performed by creating a Device configuration

ps1 from my Intune folder to a local working directory of your choice (e

Azure Resource Graph enables resource exploration and information management at scale to provide you full visibility into your environment

Also, I added a log function, which combined with audit logs in Intune will reveal exactly when the script was run locally and what actions was made in Intune

Have a great day! Nov 25, 2019 · By selecting Consent on behalf of your organization, you allows other accounts to also use Graph Explorer to query Intune management objects

In the Explorer you use Kusto query language directly so no need to use Powershell or CLI

I hope this post has given you an oversight on using PowerShell with Microsoft Graph to query Intune Devices

Intune module and connect and authenticate to the Microsoft Graph API

On the website click at Graph Explorer, next you will see the screen below; 1

By using this we can test any query of Graph REST API and get the results in the form json

Using PolicyPak to Manage Application, Browser, and Java Settings 463

So the answer for your question is "No", if you want to delete managed devices and wipe data in Intune using Microsoft Graph API, you should run the DELETE & POST requests as the followings: {{responseHeaders}} The Intune APIs in Microsoft Graph typically can be accessed within the Azure Portal

Graph Explorer is a handy browser based tool to run your Graph calls but it does not supports commands in batch

Nov 07, 2019 · Automatic Deployment of Conditional Access with PowerShell and Microsoft Graph Safe Conditional Access Deployment with Report-Only Mode and the Insights Dashboard Intune App Protection Policies vs Android Enterprise Work Profiles Dec 13, 2018 · The quickest way to see Microsoft Graph requests in action is to navigate to the Microsoft Graph explorer (https://aka

The following request gets messages and sorts them by the address field of the from property, which is of the complex type emailAddress : Mar 19, 2020 · Although you can use the Invoke-WebRequest or Invoke-RestMethod cmdlets when working with MS Graph, I prefer to use the Microsoft

Access Microsoft Graph API using Power BI Microsoft Graph has a unified OData endpoint, so I can just use this as OData Feed data source connection, and with few simple clicks, I could import data int Power BI Desktop

More information about the installation process is available here

Multi-tenant scenarios If this is the first time a user from another tenant is logging in, and your app requires permissions which need administor consent, the first user who signs in must be an admin

Create a new profile and within the new profile, make sure to select Windows 10 and later as Platform and Custom as Profile type

Each post should take you 5-15 mins to read and try out the sample exercises

There are two tools within the Graph API Explorer that can help you determine issues and find documentation for a query

So it seems to be something in the UI that makes us unable to change the requirements

All nodes that are in a cyclic group are combined into a single node, that can be further investigated using the cycle viewer

Note: Using the Microsoft Graph APIs to configure Intune controls and policies still requires that the Intune service is correctly licensed by the customer

Well one way we can edit that info (which is reported back into Azure AD) is with PowerShell

The module allows an administrator to backup, restore and even compare different Intune backup sets

Register an Jul 17, 2018 · Modern IT – Cloud – Workplace

In this article, we will see the below points: - Understand the query format - Choose your method - Intune and Resources - Find the ID of a resource - Graph, Intune and permissions - List, create, update or delete - Manage Intune with PowerShell Find out how you can use the Microsoft Graph API to connect to the data that drives productivity - mail, calendar, contacts, documents, directory, devices, and more

Please note that you have sufficient permission levels to get the right data

May 07, 2018 · Getting Started with Microsoft Graph and Intune - Duration: 9:45

Wait for my next article on MS Graph API, and until it is published you can go to internet and, Create an Office365 developer account here

The Object Visibility Debugger helps you identify requirements to query a Graph API object and the API Documentation Resolver finds documentation for an API request

Jan 20, 2020 · The first day in the life of a Hybrid Azure AD Joined device has lasting implications on the rest of the device’s life, at least from an Intune management perspective

Blob Storage, Graph API, Intune, Logic Apps, MDT, Microsoft Teams, PowerShell The Schema is generated easily by going to Graph Explorer and querying Graph as shown below

Learn more In my previous post, I explained how to interact with Intune using the Graph API from Graph Explorer

I wrote the first part of the script , get ids of iOS apps that have failed device installs

This is a huge opportunity, but of course licensing still tilts things towards Microsoft

Mar 16, 2020 · Install the PowerShell SDK for Microsoft Intune Graph API (if it’s not installed)

If you’d like to give us feedback, drop us a line on User Voice

Mar 30, 2018 · The easy way it with Microsoft Intune Graph API – and thanks to Microsoft’s Dave Falkus it is easy for the rest of us

Any tips, shared experience, more information would be appreciated :-) Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Yop Oct 22, 2018 · To use the Graph API, you need to authenticate first

This creates an Enterprise application in Azure AD that has the following settings: Name: Graph explorer; Application ID: de8bc8b5-d9f9-48b1-a8ad-b748da725064; Object ID: unique GUID The Intune Graph API enables access to Intune information programmatically for your tenant, and the API performs the same Intune operations as those available through the Azure Portal

Microsoft 365 Developer 5,763 views Graph Explorer is a Web interface for exploring Microsoft Graph APIs

Dev Consultant Brian Culver spotlights Microsoft Graph, a simple REST API and SDK for accessing endpoints to query perform actions

The first time we run Connect-MSGraph we consent to giving Graph API permissions in our Azure AD tenant

Azure AD Application (type: Native) Application must have permission to access Intune from the Graph API; Azure Automation Runbook Webhook to trigger the runbook with a simple HTTP Post; PowerShell script to get Hardware ID, Serial Number and to trigger the Webhook; Setup Azure Application Application Deployment, Intune, Office, Office 365

I don’t cover the basic of Intune Graph in this post, if this is first time you use Intune Graph API, please take a look Dave Falkus’s PowerShell Intune Samples and Intune PowerShell SDK And very much thanks for Ben Reader ( @powers_hell ) and Steven Hosking ( @OnPremCloudGuy ) who contributed make these scripts work on complex policies

Dec 20, 2017 · By using the “out of the box” Microsoft Intune PowerShell app you do not have to set any permissions to get access to Microosft Intune via the Microsoft Graph API

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is in the place Dec 19, 2019 · The Microsoft Graph Explorer offers an interactive way to explore Microsoft's Graph API my three all time favorite commands from the Intune PowerShell SDK are: Invoke-MSGraphRequest (perform any kind of Graph requests) We start by making sure we got the Microsoft

And these samples have been developed into a PowerShell module for Intune here: Microsoft

If you're an ISV, you can also use the Intune API to manage client tenants

Mar 20, 2018 · This module strives to make PowerShell administration and automation tasks via the Microsoft Graph API more like other PowerShell commands

Since you lack a UI, you'll want to Get access without a user

But certainly alot more powerfull than relying on our old buddy Get-MSOLDevice

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we can use his functions to get the authentication token that we need

Oct 22, 2018 · You can use the Microsoft Graph Explorer to query via the Graph REST API, however, the query capabilities of the API are still somewhat limited

Intune provides data into the Microsoft Graph API in the same way as other cloud services do, with rich entity information and relationship navigation

As you can see the numbers from the graph explorer matches what you see for the “Is Active” setting

Intune cloud print Has anyone an information when the azure version of cloud print will be available ie no need to use a 3rd party

Jun 21, 2019 · Microsoft Intune helps enterprises manage devices and apps within an organization

A lot of our customers were excited to get started with Microsoft Graph API, and we would like to give you a jump start

Oct 14, 2018 · A great way to get started with Graph is using the Graph Explorer, so lets use that and see if we can find some of those IDs

If you are using Windows, extract If you are using Windows, extract the "net471" folder

This can be easily traced by looking at the graph data with the Graph Explorer from Microsoft: Early this month, we explored how to discover device information using the Graph Explorer

Thanks For Jul 22, 2018 · ADconnect ADK ADMX Adobe Reader Android AndroidEnterprise appdeployment Apple application AutoPilot AZUREAD BuildandCapture Chromium cloudOS Conditional Access configmanager ConfigMgr CSP DEP Edge Education EMS GPO GraphAPI Internet Explorer Intune Intune IOS KMS lenovo Lync MAM MDM MDT MDT 2013 MFA MSIntune MSOMS MSTeams MVP O365 Office365 Oct 18, 2019 · How to use MMAT to convert DISA STIG GPOs to Intune CSPs by Janusz · October 18, 2019 MMAT, or MDM Migration Analysis Tool, is an incredible tool that you can use for converting group policy items to custom CSPs

This creates an Enterprise application in Azure AD that has the following settings: How to create Dynamic Membership Groups using Graph Explorer

Maurice has been working in the IT industry for the past 20 years and currently working in the role of Senior Cloud Architect with CloudWay

Jan 08, 2019 · So now we are leveraging PowerShell with Intune, the possibilities are endless…ish

List properties and relationships of the managedDevice objects

Dec 24, 2019 · What Is Microsoft Graph Explorer? Microsoft Graph Explorer is a web-based tool that helps you build and test queries in order to interact with Microsoft resources

Copy the JSON returned from the response preview pane and in the Parse JSON action, select “Use sample payload to generate schema” and past the JSON output and select done

Dec 21, 2017 · The official statement I received from the Intune product team was that a PowerBI Connector to Intune was I'm able to connect via the graph explorer and get the To automate our Intune setup, Microsoft Graph API is the answer

Once the application is registered we need to provide it the following application permissions to access Intune device objects: Intune APIs in Microsoft Graph enable IT professionals, partners, and developers to programmatically access data and controls that are available through the Azure portal

Feb 12, 2019 · An introduction to Microsoft Graph for developers - Part I - Getting started - October 2019 - Duration: 1:00:21

Microsoft Graph exposes Jan 31, 2020 · Even though Intune itself does not allow to perform bulk actions it can be easily done with a little bit of Powershell magic See you in next! 😉 🧠 Tags: Intune, Microsoft Graph, Powershell

They can be accessed via "standalone" Intune deployments, too, but not using the so-called "hybrid" Intune Support Team in Support Tip: Intune Company Portal updates for Mac with Microsoft AutoUpdate on 05-22-2020 Hi @thinklad @Julian Bowker - If you haven't seen it already, have a look here: Update the Company Portal app on your macOS device, for a couple of ways the Company Portal can be updated

Set the required variables for the request URL and the request payload