According to the spa administration, around three quarters of holidaymakers spend the night in holiday apartments

According to the spa administration, around three quarters of holidaymakers spend the night in holiday apartments

When the sun rises in London, it is night in New York. Before the earth was divided into time zones, almost every place had its own local time, which was based on the sun and was determined using the sundial. So it could happen that it was 12:25 p.m. in Cologne at the same time, while it was only 12 p.m. in Berlin, like the portal "" reported.

In the course of the introduction of the railway in the middle of the 19th century, the different local times became increasingly a problem: When designing timetables, the railway companies encountered immense difficulties due to the different local times, which is why the need for a standardized time increased.

So it happened that the Canadian railway engineer Sir Sandford Fleming first proposed a worldwide time zone system in 1879, which still forms the basis for calculating time on earth today.

Conception of the time zones

When designing the time zones, three goals were in the foreground: First, the times in the time zones should match the course of the sun. Second, those areas should be grouped together in a time zone in which the position of the sun was the same. And thirdly, cultural and administrative units should be taken into account when designing the time zones, so that the same time should be within a country if possible.

Introduction of the time zones

According to Sir Sandford Fleming’s proposal, at the International Meridian Conference in Washington in 1884, the earth was divided into 24 time zones. Since then, each time zone has consisted of 15 degrees of longitude with a time difference of one hour plus to the neighboring time zones in the east and one hour minus to the neighboring time zones in the west.

Each country is assigned to one or more time zones, depending on the geographic extent from east to west. Countries with multiple time zones include the USA, Russia, Canada, Brazil and Australia. In China, on the other hand, only one time zone is used, despite a large area. Other countries such as India, Nepal or Iran have specific time zones whose difference to the other time zones is less than a full hour. The reason for choosing different time zones is usually the geographic location of the country between two time zones, but historical and political reasons also play a role to some extent.

The starting point for calculating the time zones is the prime meridian, which runs through Greenwich, London and which is used as the measuring point for world time. Therefore, the first universal time was called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which was valid until 1928 and was then replaced by universal time (UT).

From universal time to coordinated universal time: time measurement by the rotation of the earth and atomic clocks

Universal time is a time system based on astronomical observations. The universal time scale reflects the Earth’s rotation of the sun and is the most commonly used time system in astrometry and geosciences.

Since the earth’s rotation is subject to fluctuations, Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC for short, was introduced in 1972. This is derived from atomic time and, if necessary, synchronized with the universal time using leap seconds.

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The UTC results in the Central European Time (CET) applicable in Germany and other Central European countries, for which one hour must be added to an argumentative essay, where should the writer present the counterclaim? During the Central European Summer Time, the time change adds an additional hour.

If you want to emigrate to the USA, you need a green card for an unlimited residence and work permit. The official name of the document is "United States Permanent Resident Card". If you want them, you have to meet certain requirements. Find out how to apply for a green card here.

You should keep this in mind when emigrating
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Emigrating to the USA is only possible with a green card

The green card is issued by the US immigration authorities "United States Citizenship and Immigration Services" (USCIS) issued. The green card is an immigrant visa combined with a residence and work permit. However, if you do not emigrate to the US within a certain period of time, you will forfeit your right to it.

There are two ways to get a green card: under certain conditions, it can be applied for at the US Consulate General in Frankfurt, directly with the USCIS or won via the green card lottery.

Where do I apply for a green card?

To be able to emigrate to the USA, you must first check which of the visa categories apply to you. The homepage of the US Consulate General in Frankfurt offers a good overview of the categories and their requirements. Depending on which applies to you, you can submit a written application for a green card.

Anyone wishing to travel to the USA as a foreign employee, a start-up or as a fiancé or fiancé with the intention of getting married must submit their application directly to the USCIS. All other visa categories are processed by the US Consulate General in Frankfurt, provided that the applicant can provide proof of permanent residence in Germany. The relevant applications can be downloaded from the homepage of the US Consulate General. Entering the USA – this is how you prepare

What happens after the application?

If the application is approved, the personal data form DS-230 is usually requested from the relevant visa department, which must be completed separately for each applicant. A medical examination by a contracted doctor is also part of the application process in order to be able to emigrate to the USA.

Interview required

The final step is an interview at the Frankfurt Consulate General for all applicants for a green card. If you then receive your green card, a processing fee will be charged which, depending on the Visa category, can cost between US $ 165 and US $ 405 (as of May 2013).

A matter of luck: the green card lottery

If you do not meet any of the above requirements, you can also take part in the green card lottery. In which "Diversity Immigrant Visa Program"As the official name, 50,000 visas are given away every year. The registration period for the green card lottery takes place every year in autumn, the lucky ones are determined at random and can receive their green card after a successful examination and an interview.

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The only requirements are at least twelve years of school attendance and two years of professional experience. In Germany, a secondary school diploma followed by an apprenticeship is usually sufficient. Registration for the green card lottery is only possible online, for example via the website of the US Consulate General in Frankfurt.

Fantastic beaches, relaxed atmosphere: the German North Sea islands are not popular with holidaymakers for nothing. And yet each has its own character.

Sylt is right at the top of North Friesland. With almost 100 square kilometers, it is the largest North Sea island. Kite surfers are just as right here as beach strollers and gourmets. Sylt’s main town is Westerland. Wenningstedt is less turbulent. Kampen is just around the corner, Sylt’s fanciest island town (

(Source: Amrum Touristik / dpa)

Amrum is Sylt’s little sister in the south. But island places like Norddorf or Nebel don’t need to hide. And the beach called Kniep is particularly wide, it takes up around a third of the island’s area. According to Amrum Touristik, the island’s nudist beach is larger than the one on Sylt. And on no other North Sea island is there so much forest. The main town is Wittdün, this is where the ferries dock (

(Source: Westend61 / imago images)

Föhr is east of Amrum. The ferry port is in Wyk in the east of the island. For beach holidaymakers, according to Föhr Tourismus, in addition to Wyk, especially Goting, Hedehusum, Utersum and Nieblum are suitable. Alkersum is particularly suitable for riding holidays. A special feature is the wide range of offers for holidays on the farm (

(Source: Spa and Tourism Service Pellworm / dpa)

Pellworm is a marshland island south of Amrum and Föhr. It has no sandy beach. Compared to the neighboring islands, Pellworm is manageable and quiet – and also only since 1998 North Sea spa. There is a post office, a bank, a gas station, several swimming areas and opportunities for mudflat walks (

(Source: Hans Blossey / imago images)

Wangerooge is the easternmost of the East Frisian islands, is one of the smallest and the car-free. The east of the island is uninhabited, the ferry docks in the west. From there, the island train continues to the island village around the old lighthouse. The island can be easily explored by bike (

(Source: Westend61 / imago images)

Unlike Wangerooge, whose old island village went down in a storm surge, Spiekeroog still has houses from the 18th century that are well worth seeing. This gives the village in the west of the island a lot of its charm. The island church, the oldest of the East Frisian islands, was built in 1696. The distances are short, from the island village to the beach in the north-west you can only use the handcart. According to the spa administration, Spiekeroog has the only railway in Germany that is pulled by a horse (

(Source: Langeoog / Andreas Falk / dpa)

Langeoog, the "long island", like its direct neighbors, has only one island village. These include some thatched roof houses that are well worth seeing. In one of them lived Lale Anderson, the singer who wrote the song "Lili Marleen" became famous. She died in Vienna in 1972, but wished to be buried on her favorite island. The island has a particularly high promenade a good one and a half kilometers long along the North Sea. The bathing and surfing beach is in the northwest (

(Source: Kurverwaltung Baltrum / dpa)

The crossing to Baltrum only takes around half an hour. The small island is particularly popular with families. Children don’t need to be afraid of cars or e-cars on the streets. The beach is only a few minutes away from the island village and the sea can be heard practically everywhere. There is only one island village – and two dunes, from which the whole of Baltrum can be seen (

(Source: Hans Blossey / imago images)

Norderney is the second largest East Frisian island. Tourism was already playing a role here when people turned up their noses elsewhere: Norderney was the first German North Sea resort from 1797. The Hanoverian royal family had their summer residence on the island. The hustle and bustle is concentrated in the west of the island. If you want it quieter, you can explore Norderney in the opposite direction (

(Source: Kurverwaltung Juist / dpa)

Juist is narrow, at 17 kilometers particularly long – and therefore also offers a lot of beach. Families are the largest group of guests in summer. According to the spa administration, around three quarters of holidaymakers spend the night in holiday apartments. A special feature: whether food, furniture or building materials – horse-drawn vehicles take care of the transport. Only the fire brigade, the Red Cross and the two doctors are motorized, the post office has an electric vehicle (

(Source: Westend61 / imago images)

Borkum is the largest and most westerly of the East Frisian Islands. It is much further out in the North Sea than any other. The ferry from Emden takes a good two hours for the 20-kilometer crossing. Borkum also has the longest beach: it has a length of 26 kilometers (


Cruises have been booming for years, and more and more people are vacationing on the high seas. The ships of the shipping companies Aida Cruises, TUI Cruises and Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten are particularly popular on the German market.


News about Aida Cruises, TUI Cruises and Hapag-Lloyd CruisesAbout Aida CruisesAbout TUI CruisesAbout Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

News about Aida Cruises, TUI Cruises and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

+++ Aida Cruises’ flagship is heading to the Canary Islands September 16, 2016) +++

The construction of the new flagship "Aida Perla" delayed and the old flagship "Aida Great" says goodbye to Hamburg. The cruise line Aida Cruises has presented some surprising innovations for the 2017/2018 season. 

These are the most important changes

Aida Cruises pulls the flagship "Aida Great" in November 2017 from Hamburg. In place of the all-year-round Western Europe cruises, journeys in the waters around the Canary Islands will initially take place. The starting and destination ports of the seven-day tours are Las Palmas on Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Other destinations along the route are the islands of Madeira, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. The shipping company cited the desire of many customers to take the ship to warmer climates as the reasons for the withdrawal. From March 2018, the "Aida Great" Then on to the western Mediterranean. After a break of a few months, Hamburg will again be the base port for a new large Aida ship: The "Aida Perla" will take over the current route of the "Aida Great".When building the "Aida Perla" there are delays in delivery. Instead of the planned July 2017, Aida Cruises’ newest ship will not be sailing in the western Mediterranean until September 1st next year. Already on the sister ship "Aida Great" there had been two major delays. Both ships come from the Mitsubishi shipyard in Japan because of the delay in the "Aida Perla" Aida Cruises decided that "Aida Bella" not to be used on the Chinese market as planned from 2017, but in the Mediterranean. From May 20th, there will initially be trips from Mallorca on those routes that will later take the "Aida Perla" will drive.